A Powerful Message of Acceptance & Love!

Enjoyed by all ages – Not just for children!
Original watercolor illustrations by Noha Elhady.
Deep metaphors for acceptance and Love.
Written by North Carolina–based husband and wife.


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Go on a Journey

Inspired by Rumi’s classic poem “Guest House,” Gus the Goose invites us into his quaint cottage in the forest. Here we will encounter an embarrassed elephant, a fearful ferret and a diverse lot of creatures, each with big feelings. Gus reminds us of the timeless lesson that our feelings are mere visitors passing through, each bringing an important lesson as a gift. Whether you are five or 95, Gus the Goose will warm your heart with his powerful message of Love.

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Joy the Jaguar

A sound in the air? It’s the wonderful purr,
Of Joy the Jaguar, with her super soft fur.

She snuggles right up to old Gus’ neck,
And he responds with a most gentle peck.

Boredom the Boar

Who’s next to arrive? Why it’s Boredom the Boar.
A rather dull fellow—Just stares at the floor.

He’s tired of life. Doesn’t know what to do,
He needs inspiration—perspective brand new.

Leo the Lion

A sound like thunder, a low-bellied roar,
It’s Leo the Lion scratching the door.

He’s courageously brave, and fast as a dart,
His mind may be wise, but he thinks with his heart.

Raging Roosters

Click-clack on the window—a scratch and a peck,
Raging roosters are here. All hands on deck!

They tear through the house and rip stuff apart,
Bus Gus only lets Love grow in his heart.

Cait Allison

Cait Allison is a healer, yoga therapist, clinical hypnotist, social worker, and now author. She has a North Carolina–based private practice where she works with families and children, inspiring the story of Gus his forest companion.

“With compassionate presence, patience and perseverance, I take people from feeling isolated in their own bodies to feeling connected to, and in charge of, their physical, emotional and spiritual experiences. I do not promise a quick fix, a magic pill, or a cloud-nine feeling. What I do guarantee is a completely authentic opportunity to feel safe in your body, mind and soul.” – Cait Allison



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